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March 1 @ 8:00 am May 31 @ 5:00 pm

Professional peer mentoring from OKC comms pros for aspiring marketers, presented by MidFirst Bank

Getting that first – or next – job in advertising, marketing, PR, or strategic communications can be tough, but having a connection in the industry can change that. We all need advice, introductions, and feedback along the way, at every stage of our careers, so AMA OKC proudly presents a first for our market: An official, organized, intentional mentoring program that pairs aspiring students with working professionals in their field.


– AMA is OKC’s most diverse professional communications organization, with PR, advertising, and marketing agency veterans, corporate communications professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, freelancers and consultants, and educators. There’s something for everyone in AMA OKC, and someone ready to pair up and help you find what appeals to you.

– AMA OKC and its affiliated AMA collegiate chapters ensure a meaningful, ethical, and safe mentoring program, with mutually-agreed-upon best practices, minimum requirements, conduct standards, and mutual oversight and accountability.

– Because we freaking rock, okay? :-p


– AMA Membership

– Students must be at least 21 years of age. Students at universities, community colleges, or technology centers are welcome to apply. There is no age cutoff, but we do require that mentees be enrolled in a collegiate program when applying for a mentor.

– Mentors must be actively employed (including freelance or self-employment) at the time of pairing, and must be at least 25 years of age.

– Mentors and mentees must commit to meeting at least once a month, for at least one hour, for at least three consecutive months. We highly recommend, but do not require, meeting in person. We encourage mentors and mentees to continue their relationship beyond this three-month period, but sometimes that’s up to you. After three months, you should know each other well enough to decide whether or not, and how, you’d like to continue.

– Feedback, review, and advice are vital to a mentoring program, but it’s important that we all consider personal boundaries and ethics. Mentors and mentees must be willing to communicate via email as needed, but are not required or expected to share personal phone numbers or other private information. Phone calls, texting, or personal emails are allowed if both parties feel comfortable, but this is not expected or required.

– We’ll ask mentors and mentees to review and agree to some basic conduct guidelines before meeting. If you have any special needs, requests, or accommodations, we’ll provide an opportunity for you to present those and incorporate them into the guidelines for your particular pairing.


This is our first go-round for AMA’s mentoring program, so the window to apply is limited, and pairings will be determined based on availability and capacity. Not everyone who applies will be accepted.

Want a mentor? [Submit this brief survey.

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Questions? Contact an AMA board member to learn more.